BASF addresses ‘silent inflammation’ with PeptAlde 4.0

Organic rice-derived peptides in new ingredient prevent dry skin, discomfort and loss of firmness

BASF has introduced a new active ingredient to the market that claims to offer a nature-based remedy for hair and skin damage caused by ‘silent inflammation’.

The company says that unhealthy lifestyles disturb one of the body’s most important defence systems: inflammation.

While acute inflammation helps the body heal and fight off infection, silent inflammation fights against healthy cells, causes disease and accelerates the body’s degeneration. It also creates deep damage to the hair and skin.

PeptAlde 4.0 is characterised by four multifunctional peptides consisting of between 12 and 17 amino acids that are obtained via enzymatic hydrolysis from organic rice; these peptides were screened by BASF using artificial intelligence for their ability to help prevent the release of inflammatory mediators, such as TNFα.

PeptAlde 4.0 is scientifically proven to prevent dry skin, discomfort and loss of firmness, while soothing sensitive scalps prone to dandruff.

A clinical study for skin involving female subjects with dry, itchy or uncomfortable skin on their legs found the application of a PeptAlde 4.0-containing body lotion twice daily for 28 days improved moisturisation by 33% after one week and 92% by the end of the trial.

A month-long trial on stomach skin, meanwhile, demonstrated a 27% increase in skin firmness.

In a clinical test for hair and scalp, male and female participants with sensitive or itchy scalps used a shampoo formulation three times a week for three weeks. Scalp redness decreased visibly by 9% and the pH level of the scalp was 0.4 units lower (that of a healthy scalp).

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