Cloud Beauty Innovation Hub

Cloud Beauty Innovation Hub specializes in private label services, offering OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing) solutions. We serve a diverse clientele, ranging from premium brands to niche brands, facilitating international market access.

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Experience innovation with the Cloud Beauty Innovation Hub, backed by 45 years of expertise from Aromatic Enterprises Co., Ltd. We offer 360° tailored comprehensive business solutions ranging from concept building, raw material sourcing, ingredient formulation, product design, visual design, packaging design, packaging development, molding, production, efficacy, and safety test support, along with product and trademark registration in respective regions.

Cloud Beauty Innovation Hub

Our Expertise:

  • Cross- Industry Integration For Raw Material Product Development
  • Raw Materials & Ingredients
  • Design, Research and Development
  • Factory Representatives
  • Sustainable Solutions
  • Local solutions
  • Branding

Cloud Beauty Innovation Hub

Sustainability As Our Core Strategy:

Sustainability as the core strategy of Cloud Beauty Innovation Hub underscores our commitment to environmental responsibility and social impact. We integrate sustainable practices throughout our operations, from sourcing ethically produced ingredients to minimizing waste in our manufacturing processes. By prioritizing sustainability, we aim to create a positive difference in the beauty industry while contributing to a healthier planet for future generations.

Cloud Beauty Innovation Hub

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Thank you to all the amazing visitors for visiting Cloud Beauty Innovation Hub at LUXEPACK Shanghai 2024! Your presence made our experience truly exceptional. We've gathered valuable insights on emerging packaging trends and remain dedicated to prioritising sustainability in our clients' strategies. Let's continue to collaborate and drive forward the future of luxury packaging and sustainable beauty solutions.

Know more about our sustainable solutions: Stay tuned for more updates and future events!

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Cloud Beauty Innovation Hub

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