Atelier & Design Fragranze – Olfactory ambitions


Atelier & Design Fragranze (ADF) is a recently founded Italian company which specialises in fragrance creation, distribution and home scents. It is looking to expand outside of Italy and is hoping to secure a worldwide presence soon. ADF fragrance brands are stocked in fashion, beauty and home furnishing retail outlets.

Atelier & Design Fragranze is a newly formed Italian company which creates fragrances for personal use and for scenting the home. Created by two friends, and now a thriving business, Nadia Di Martino reports on its success so far and its plans for the future

Milan-based Atelier & Design Fragranze (ADF) follows the creation of new fragrances from the concept to the bottling of the juice and then from the packaging to the delivery of the product. The company focuses on ‘olfactory well-being and multisensorial products’ created by using what it says are the highest quality materials. Besides being present in fashion and home furnishing stores, ADF also distributes its products in hotels, spas and in niche perfumeries. All products are manufactured in Italy and the company claims its core values are attention to detail, superior aesthetics and quality.


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