Asquan Group unveils Skincare Essentials packaging line


Tottle and stick packaging designs can be made from sustainable recycled materials

Hong Kong based packaging supplier Asquan Group has introduced its new line of efficient dispensing options based on clean lines, called Skincare Essentials.

The line comprises Essential Tottles and Airtight Essential Stick.

The tottles have a sophisticated squeezable body with a 2mm nozzle opening to suit most formulations.

Developed specifically for skin care and colour cosmetics, the transparent tottle body is said to draw attention to the colour and texture of the formulation inside.

The tottle cap can be made from PCR PP, while both the tottle body and nozzle are available in PCR HDPE (non-squeezable).

Fill options include 15, 30 and 50ml. The cap can be silk screen printed, pad printed, vacuum metallised or sprayed. The tottle body can be injected in clear or solid colours and may be silk screened or hot stamped.

The top-filled Airtight Essential Sticks, meanwhile, are suited for a fill weight ranging from 4-8g (small) and 8-12g (large).

The outer housing is suitable for a wide range of decoration including spray, soft-touch, UV lacquer and vacuum metallisation. They are also suitable for secondary processes like hot stamping and screen printing.

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Both the cap and the base can be made from PCR materials.

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