Specialty Glass for the Future

Published: 13-Oct-2023

The luxurious feel and premium look of glass instantly catches the eye, conveying quality and value

Make a lasting impression on your target audience and enhance brand recognition with our new catalog of exceptional glass packaging with the superb lead times and competitive pricing that Asquan Group is known for. With a focus on makeup, skin care, and fragrance, we are presenting our new library of styles, shapes, sizes, and functionality to please a wide variety of clientele.

We have a plethora of glass skin care collections. Like our beautifully chic Rechargeable Glass Collection of airless pumps and jars. Bringing forth eco-friendly luxury skin care with longevity and style.

Elevate your makeup offerings with our range of glass vials for color. As consumers become increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint, choosing sustainable packaging is essential. Our glass packaging is crafted from high- quality, recyclable glass, making it an eco-friendly and elegant choice for your color needs.

Specialty Glass for the Future

In addition to skin care and makeup, we have curated our line of stunning fragrance glass bottles - along with our long list of decoration options to stand out from the crowd. Our expertise in a wide variety of decorative finishes along with our in-house design team will help capture the unique look and feel of your brand.

Specialty Glass for the Future

Asquan is your go-to partner for the newest and freshest glass packs with top-notch glass decoration. Meet our new library of Specialty Glass!

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