Ashland transforms oral health into daily beauty care

Published: 18-Jan-2023

Ashland has launched saffragyl biofunctional that transforms oral health into a daily beauty regimen by proposing a natural, safe, and effective bioactive to take care of the biology of the gingiva

Saffragyl™ biofunctional is a new, COSMOS approved cosmetic solution for gum care. This 100 percent natural extract is from upcycled saffron flowers to help prevent early gum problems and strengthen sensitive and irritated gums.

Saffragyl™ biofunctional is an alternative to curative but potentially aggressive solutions such as chlorhexidine to treat gingival inflammation and plaque build-up. It offers a preventive answer to gums prone to gingivitis and is microbiome-friendly, gum-friendly and can be used daily.

“Gum health is the new oral health. Gingival disorders such as gingivitis and periodontitis represent a real public health problem,” said Justine Cotton, global marketing manager, biofunctionals, Ashland. “This innovation has strong societal and economic impact according to the Economist 2021. At Ashland, we are convinced that gingival health is a new area of development for cosmetic beauty applications.”

“Oral health (gum and teeth) is connected to overall health and well-being. Recent research has demonstrated the link between oral bacteria with age-related health disorders that go beyond gingival recession such as Alzheimer and cardiac problems. Knowing that 90 percent of the global population is suffering from gingival inflammation (gingivitis), taking care of gum health in a prevention mode should be considered as the number one strategy in our daily healthy beauty routine,” said Christophe Capallere, senior team leader, Tissue Engineering, Toxicology in vitro and Evaluation, Ashland.

One keystone bucco-dental bacteria, porphyrhomonas gingivalis (p. gingivalis), produces a toxic enzyme called the gingipain. This toxin is responsible of gingival inflammation, gum tissue degradation, biofilm formation and further serious health disorders if not counteracted.

Saffragyl™ biofunctional has been specifically selected to neutralise the gingipain toxin. It is not an antibacterial and has been proven in vitro to respect the gingival microbiome.

Saffragyl™ helps protect the gums from signs of gingivitis in vitro. It helps protect and reinforce gum barrier and helps limit noxious bacterial adhesion in vitro similarly than chlorhexidine. It has been tested in vivo and volunteers felt an improvement of their gingival health. They perceived more soothed, less sensitive gums and visually, less dental plaque was seen.

This innovation from Ashland is water-soluble and can be formulated at one percent in oral care applications such as leave-on gels, serums, mouthwash, and toothpaste as part of a daily gum care beauty routine.

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