An alternative approach to assessing skin mechanical properties


The Indentometer IDM 800

For the multi-probe adapter system, Courage+Khazaka electronic developed a new tool to look at the skin softness / stiffness.

The indentation depth of the pin (displacement of the skin) is determined. According to the skin site probes with different pin sizes (2, 3 and 5 mm Ø) can be chosen.

A special shaped probe for the firmness measurement of the scalp is available (pin 1 mm Ø).

Combined with the Cutometer MPA 580 and other probes it is an ideal instrument for efficacy testing and claim support for firmness enhancing and anti-ageing products.

It offers a wide scope of applications in clinical research in the field of wound healing, skin diseases like scleroderma or medical studies e.g. in gynaecology or about diabetes.

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Measurements on different surfaces are also possible (e.g. textiles, plastic, food and many more).

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