Innovative tool for the nail care industry

Published: 12-Dec-2017

Nail StrainStress Meter NM 100

Innovative tool for the nail care industry

For the first time, objective, highly accurate measurements on the nail are possible in vivo.

In collaboration with Prof. Paola Perugini from the University of Pavia in Italy, Courage + Khazaka electronic have developed a patented method to analyse mechanical properties of nails.

This is an ideal solution for efficacy testing of nail care products as strengtheners and coats.

The extremely user-friendly software makes handling very easy. The nail is placed on a support in the unit constantly monitored by a built-in camera from the side, while a pressure applicators deflects the nail in smallest steps (0.001 mm).

The device features a high precision load cell which measures constantly the force needed for the deflection. A curve (force deflection diagram) of the measurement is displayed in real time.

Innovative tool for the nail care industry

Its slope is different depending on interesting mechanical properties of the nail:

  • transversal deformation: elastic property of the complete nail
  • longitudinal deformation: elasticity of the distal edge (flexibility) of the nail
  • resistance to compression force: structural strength (firmness) of the nail
  • distance measurement for the determination of nail thickness

The Nail StrainStress Meter is also very interesting for research on nail properties and disorders.

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