An SCI article about pore minimisation Published by JAKA independently

Published: 16-Jan-2023

The technical article “Inhibition of lipogenesis and sebum secretion for Lotus corniculatus seed extract in vitro and in vivo” of JAKA was published on International Journal of Cosmetic Science which is included in SCI

This technical article was independently finished by JAKA team with 2.416 Impact Factor. The publication indicated that the research and development capability of JAKA had entered into a new height.

Botanical ingredients are widely used in hair- and skin-care products. However, few studies have investigated the effectiveness of botanical products on counteracting sebum synthesis and secretion.

In response to this missing part, JAKA examined the composition of Lotus corniculatus seed extract (LC) and its potential inhibitory effect on lipogenesis in SZ95 sebocytes and oily human skin.

It was concluded that topical application of LC resulted in an immediate and long-lasting reduction of sebum lipogenesis via LA and DHT pathways by reducing sebum content and area of oily human skin. This suggests the potential of LC as a new biotherapy for oily skin.

In response to this important research and discovery, JAKA independently developed Smopore LC. Smopore LC is a natural active ingredient. The target of Smopore LC is sebaceous gland cells. It can effectively reduce lipid synthesis and fusion of sebaceous gland cells and show effects of oil control and pore minimising through immediate reduction of sebum secretion and long-term regulation of sebaceous gland cells activity.

An SCI article about pore minimisation Published by JAKA independently

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