Aesop – Contemporary beauty


Australian skin and body care brand Aesop has stores all over the world and the number keeps on growing. It celebrated its 25th birthday this February and has some key launches planned for 2012 to commemorate this. Each store is individual and often designed with the help of local architects giving a truly unique retail experience for the consumer, wherever they may be

Aesop is the Australian beauty brand which transcends nationality. With an ever increasing number of stylish stores in some of the world’s trendiest cities, it has just celebrated its 25th birthday this year, as Katie Middleweek reports.

Aesop celebrated its 25th birthday in February of this year and it would certainly seem to have a lot to celebrate. With sales up 30% year on year and a plethora of new stores opening across the world, business certainly seems good. An Australian skin and body care company which is not obviously from any country in particular, with its chic brown glass bottles, trendy stores and minimum labelling which gives it an old school apothecary look, Aesop is certainly one to watch.


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