Actively caring: Naturally committed to a sustainable world


Silab has been committed to a global and voluntarist CSR program: Actively Caring

Independence, excellence and quality. These three founding values are at the core of Silab’s sustainable development.

Guided by its raison d’être, i.e. sublimating nature through science, Silab has been committed to a global and voluntarist CSR program: Actively Caring.

The latter includes clear and ambitious goals in terms of sustainable development and structures them in five essential pillars that are embedded in all levels of the activity.

For a sustainable innovation
Fostering a sustainable growth strategy
Silab is an independent company that places innovation at the core of its strategy in order to generate the virtuous circle of independence, growth and profitability.

For the development of human potential
Placing women and men in the forefront of attention
Silab devotes very special attention to its staff in order to enable them to enhance their skill sets and to promote their professional fulfillment.

Silab conducts a policy of responsible sourcing
Ensuring safety, traceability and transparency
Silab conducts a policy of responsible sourcing and applies it to all its plant supply chains, whether in France or abroad, as well as to its biotechnology raw materials.

For a preserved environment
Limiting the environmental footprint
Silab continually seeks to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment to respect the planet’s resources, preserve biodiversity and combat climate change.

For the support of communities
Creating value by sharing experience
Silab is deeply involved in its territory and is committed to its community. It thus supports scientific innovation, medical research and the stakes of its sector of activity.

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This strong commitment to corporate social responsibility has been rewarded: the company received in 2020 the highest distinction from the EcoVadis rating platform, ranked at the platinum level.

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