A promising Q10 ingredient for skin-active formulations


An innovative system is enabling targeted and sustained delivery of the potent anti-ageing ingredient coenzyme Q10, as Florence Olechowski writes

A promising Q10 ingredient for skin-active formulations

BergaCare SmartLipids are submicron particles consisting of a complex mix of solid and liquid fat compounds (figure 1). They are carefully designed to obtain an imperfect crystal structure, so that lipophilic cosmetic and cosmeceutical active substances can be encapsulated and protected within them.

BergaCare SmartLipids are powerful carriers intended for the sustained and controlled release of active lipophilic substances. They were developed in collaboration with pharmacologist Professor Rainer Müller of the Free University of Berlin[1].

A promising Q10 ingredient for skin-active formulations

This system combines enhanced adhesion at the skin surface with an improved payload of lipophilic ingredients that need both protection and sustained release. Several advantages of this technology have been reported. These include increased skin ...

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