7 new cosmetic ingredients for effective, sustainable beauty

By Julia Wray | Published: 6-Mar-2023

A senescence-busting active from Ginkgo biloba and a vegan hair shield are among the novel ingredients that formulators can now get their hands on

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​​​​​With in-cosmetics Global, the world’s biggest cosmetic ingredients showcase, taking place at the end of the month, launch activity is ramping up among leading suppliers. 

This round-up of newly-debuted ingredients includes sustainable and efficacious rheology modifiers, and upcycled solutions from olives and apples.

Also included is an active from Ginkgo biloba that eliminates senescent fibroblasts before they can cause damage to the cutaneous environment.

1. Silab, Senevisium

New from Silab is Senevisium, a natural anti-ageing active ingredient obtained from Ginkgo biloba

Senevisium is capable of reactivating the immune system’s natural elimination of senescent fibroblasts. 

Senescence is controlled by the immune system, which locates and eradicates senescent cells which are harmful to the cutaneous environment. 

With time, however, some senescent fibroblasts implement immuno-evasion strategies to avoid being eliminated, resulting in wrinkles, a dull complexion, loss of elasticity and senescence spots.

Senevisium acts transversally on the dermis and the epidermis for an anti-wrinkle action and a rapid radiance-boosting effect.

It allows harmful, immuno-evasive senescent fibroblasts to be recognised and eliminated once again, thereby protecting the skin from the harmful effects of senescent fibroblasts on matrix synthesis and epidermal renewal.

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