Sophim is a french family-owned company specialized in green chemistry and manufacturing sustainable cosmetic ingredients. Our core business is olive-sourced ingredients relying on local sourcing and our industrial expertise in innovative distillation, esterification, and hydrogenation processes. We particularly specialised in Olive Upcycled Squalane production. Most of our products are available in their organic version, and are COSMOS approved/certified

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Sophim was created in 1995 in Peyruis, in the south of France.

Sophim is a family-owned company, which mission is to assist clients from the cosmetic industry in their transition towards greater naturalness, by offering them Products from Nature.

Our company has two plants, one in Peyruis, France, and one in Almeria, Spain, at the heart of olive groves, at the closest to our raw material. Our 70 employees support everyday our vision of a more sustainable future for cosmetics.

Our core business is to manufacture olive-sourced cosmetic ingredients and particularly Squalane. Squalane C30H62 is a molecule that reproduces our epidermis’ ability to repair and moisturize itself thanks to sebum activity. It is an organic emollient and protective agent, which is valued on the cosmetic market for its great properties and its well-known skin benefits.

Sustainability and CSR:

For SOPHIM, sustainability has always been key. Our company was developped on a circular business model : SOPHIM’s flagship ingredient, Phytosqualan, a 100% olive squalane, is obtained from byproducts from olive-oil (food), produced in the respect of green Chemistry principles, and biodegradable at 67%.

Our products:

Sophim offers various natural alternative ingredients to the cosmetic industry

From Olive:

  • PhytOlive®Fine : Upcycled exfoliant powder, from olive stones, made in France 
  • Phytosqualan: 100% Olive squalane, high performing natural emollient with various applications
  • Biophytosebum: Natural Active emollient, 100% natural vegetable origin. Sensory alternative to silicones
  • Insapolive: Olive unsaponifiable rich in squalene
  • Phytowax: Range of natural waxes used in cosmetic with unique sensory properties

Texture agents:

  • Vegeline 65 : An alternative to Petroleum jelly
  • Vegeline 70 : An alternative to Petroleum jelly

Oils and Butters:

  • All our vegetable oils are COSMOS approved, and our organic oils are COSMOS certified
  • Butters: A selective sourcing to ensure a high quality offer

Ingredient Application Areas:

  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Body Care
  • After-Sun Care

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  • COSMETORIUM 2023 – Madrid, Spain – 18th 19th October 2023
  • COSMETAGORA 2024 – Paris, France – 16th 17th January 2024
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