2015 Regulatory Summit: Key topics to be discussed


A range of key questions will be addressed at the upcoming Regulatory Summit in Brussels

The 2015 Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit, which will take place May 19-20 in Brussels, brings together the leading figures in regulatory compliance for the cosmetics, personal care and fragrance industries. The two-day annual meet provides an opportunity for different areas of these industries to share and discuss their views and opinions about regulation and compliance in order to maximise best practice for the future.

Details of the summit can be found here. Key questions and topics that will be addressed include:

How can I comply with regulations when selling to new overseas markets?

Trading in China and India
Important key regulatory information for each country will be discussed by Dr. Lisa Tian, Delphic HSE Solutions Limited, Hong Kong; and Dr. Vijay Bambulkar, Indian Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Mumbai.

Easier compliance between the US and Europe
Ivone Kaizerler, Lead Negotiator, TTIP EU Commission, Brussels, will address current Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks and explain how new bilateral ways to comply will simplify business between the US and the EU.

What makes a product a drug, cosmetic or both under US FDA law?
Sharon Blinkoff, Counsel, Locke Lord LLP, New York, will outline the requirements for product and its manufacture; general requirements for OTC drugs and combination drug products.

Challenges for SMEs
Debra Rebourn, Cosmetic Regulations Advisor, dR Cosmetic Regulations, UK, will address the key regulatory challenges SMEs face when entering new markets and suggest ways to work around such obstacles.

Selling online
How the new European legislation can affect your online business. Andreea Pantazi, Policy Officer, EU Commission, will speak about the evolution in online sales and how this growth will challenge classic retail channels and therefore product safety and classic regulatory enforcement.

Packaging regulation and compliance
Jeff Quill, Director of Technical Applications, Q-Lab Corporation, US, will discuss the key criteria for selecting correct packing for your product for it to be fully compliant and ready for market. 

What testing methods are currently available?

Genotoxicity testing
Professor Vera Rogiers, Vrije Universiteit, Brussels, will discuss the results of retrospective studies of genotoxicity testing of ‘annex ingredients’ (2000-2014) and what the future holds for further evaluation procedures.

Ex vivo testing: Now an alternative to in vivo and in vitro
Dr. Ardeshir Bayat, Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester, will describe a groundbreaking approach to human in vivo testing with a new simulation module using real human skin.

Recent allergen bans: What is the likely impact?

Allergen Bans - recent legislation within the EU has restricted the use of a number of raw materials used in cosmetic and personal care products.
Graham Ellis, Head of Global Toxicology, Givaudan International SA, will outline his view on the impact of the recent legislation change and what the future holds for fragrance, cosmetic and personal care sectors.


Are you worried about making and substantiating a claim for one of your upcoming products?
Ask Dr. Jack Fergusson, Skinnovation Ltd, UK, about verifying your product claims during question time. Delegates can submit their questions ahead of the Summit.

Do you want to sell your products in the EU and need to find a “Responsible Person”?
Obleis s.a. Belgium, a specialist regulatory agency, will outline the key selection criteria you should consider when appointing a Responsible Person and how best to manage such people or entities when you are far from your market.

Organic and/or natural products: Global standards vs. local standards
Experts will debate the respective values of current local standards as well as the pros and cons of creating a global standard for organic and/or natural products.

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2015 Regulatory Summit: Key topics to be discussed

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2015 Regulatory Summit: Key topics to be discussed

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