New Unilever deodorant reduces carbon footprint by almost 20%

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 24-Apr-2017

The partnership with Ball Corporation has allowed the US multinational to create a sustainable deodorant can using recycled aluminium

New Unilever deodorant reduces carbon footprint by almost 20%

Packaging manufacturer Ball Corporation has partnered with Unilever to create a sustainable aerosol can.

The new Rexona and Sure antiperspirant cans use Ball's patented ReAl technology to reduce product carbon footprint by 18%.

The technology is said to utilise recycled aluminium to create a metal alloy that demonstrates an increased strength, but a reduction in weight.

In a statement released by the manufacturer enforcing its environmental benefits. It said: “Ball's partnership with Unilever to lightweight their can using ReAl technology brings significant environmental benefits to the customer while providing the same can performance.”

The US-based company has previously created aluminum aerosol cans for Dove, Caprice and Schwarzkopf.

The announcement research from Unilever showing that brands are missing out on a £820bn opportunity.

The conglomerate claims a third of consumers want to buy sustainable products and would purchase more if the benefits were made clearer.

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