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Published: 11-Jun-2019

Since its creation 35 years ago, SILAB has been committed to naturality, its main source of inspiration

100% natural raw materials

Each active ingredient starts its history as a bio-sourced raw material, coming exclusively from plants or biotechnologies, subjected to a responsible supply policy. A very close attention is paid to securing and tracing supply chains while respecting biodiversity. By relying on nature’s multiple resources and on its advanced expertise, SILAB is able to select the best of plants and microorganisms, which are then used in industrial processes to produce active molecules with proven efficacy.

Non-denaturing manufacturing processes

SILAB’s core business is the extraction and purification of natural active molecules. As water makes up 70% of body and skin, it is quite naturally that the company uses it as the principal extraction solvent. This eco-friendly approach maintains the active molecules in a non-denaturing environment close to the physiological medium. Additionally, SILAB developed a solid expertise in enzymatic bioengineering and biopolymerization.

With full respect for the environment

Targeting environmental excellence, SILAB takes action within a global sustainable strategy in order to limit the impact of its activities and preserve biodiversity.

First, at the industrial level, in addition to using non-denaturing manufacturing processes, SILAB has been committed to saving water and establishing a low-energy-consuming plan. Also, the company is taking strong initiatives to protect biodiversity and fight against climate change.

The company has received two distinctions this year: the A- rating from CDP, which means the leaders’ category, for its commitment in combating climate change, and the Gold medal from EcoVadis as proof of its exemplary approach in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Naturality for SILAB is not just a trend but a 35-year conviction.

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