Micro Powders launches Unique Natural Exfoliant, Fine Powder and Anhydrous Gel at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2023 - Booth 619

Published: 26-Apr-2023

Micro Powders, Inc. will debut several new natural products to the US market at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day in New York City

Among these products is Celscrub 20, a biodegradable 20 mesh scrub based on microcrystalline cellulose. This highly unique scrub gently exfoliates then disappears, adding a transitioning “wow” effect in all facial and body care applications.

Also showcased will be Naturecel 750, a biodegradable natural fine powder derived from microcrystalline cellulose. This product offers best-in-class soft focus and line filling with high transmission haze and total transmittance. Naturecel 750 provides luxurious, silky sensorial effects in both color cosmetics and skin care products and is an ideal talc replacement.

This powder will also be offered as a natural, anhydrous gel under the name NatureGel MC750 for effortless incorporation into formulations. NatureGel MC750 provides excellent matting, soft focus, and lubricity, while adding a lush feel in a wide range of personal care products and cosmetics.

In addition to new products, Micro Powders will be highlighting proven SPF boosting natural fine powders. Beyond their SPF boosting capability, these multi-functional fine powders also enhance formulation aesthetics. Formulators can benefit from added versatility, as these powerhouse ingredients offer top performance in a wide range of applications including sun care, skin care, color cosmetics, and hair/scalp

Visit Booth 619 to sample these ingredients in a variety of formulations and feel the difference first-hand. Our experts will be available to tell you more about these and other new products, as well as to help you find a solution to optimise your formulation.

Micro Powders’ natural and synthetic powders and exfoliants can enhance performance and aesthetics in color cosmetics and personal care applications that protect, cleanse, and beautify.

Products are available in both spherical and irregular shaped grades to provide differentiated performance and multi-functionality. Our smaller ultra-fine powders offer enhancements including dry binding, texture, soft focus, oil absorption and binding, long wear, transfer resistance, and SPF boosting. Exfoliants range in size, in coloured options with and without added pigments.

Through creative particle design and formulation, Micro Powders’ fine powders and exfoliants offer unique functionality and aesthetics, with sustainability at the core, for all personal care applications.

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