Micro Powders best-in-class soft focus powder selected as game changer in NYSCC Suppliers’ Day Inspiraton Zone

Published: 16-May-2024

This month, Micro Powders made its annual return to NYSCC Suppliers’ Day to showcase new ingredients and Formulator Favorites, emphasising science-backed skincare

In addition to debuting Naturecel 793, a multi-functional, enhanced talc and microplastic replacement, and two natural exfoliants based on sustainably sourced suCCESS™ castor oil, another ingredient in the Naturecel line was selected as a stand-out for the Inspiration Zone.

The Inspiration Zone sponsored by BeautyStreams, chose Naturecel 750, a fine powder of microcrystalline cellulose, to highlight their Bio Luxe category, which aligns with the Synergistic Effect trend. Supporting Clean Beauty, Naturecel 750 was deemed a natural and biodegradable, multi-sensory game changer in the personal care market with substantial supporting data.

“It’s an honour to have Naturecel 750 selected as a stand-out ingredient by BeautyStreams for the Inspiration Zone,” said Sue Sender, Director of Marketing, Micro Powders. “Our R&D team leveraged proprietary technology to meet the market’s demand for a 100% natural, high-performance multi-functional ingredient to enhance personal care and cosmetic formulations. It’s exciting to see the response from visitors who instantly saw and felt the difference in the display formulations with and without the ingredient.”

Its main benefits include best-in-class soft-focus and line filling due to an exclusive balance of haze and transmission, outperforming synthetic microplastics including spherical polyethylene and PMMA. This powder creates a sheer finish in both powder and emulsion formulations, adds luxurious sensorial effects, mattifies, improves oil absorption, and can be used as a talc replacement. Naturecel 750 has a Natural Origin Index (ISO 16128) of 1, is freshwater biodegradable (OECD 301), Ecocert Cosmos approved, and is approved for use worldwide.

On display alongside Naturecel 750 was NatureGel MC750, an all-natural anhydrous gel based on Naturecel 750. Designed for effortless incorporation into formulations, or to be used as a base, this gel enhances aesthetics, mattifies, and improves soft focus in a wide range of cosmetic and personal care products.

For more information on these products, or to request samples, visit micropowders.com.

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