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Our Cosmetics business comprises unparalleled global experience in developing innovative and reliable, high-quality raw materials for cosmetic products

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In our one -of-a-kind portfolio we combine exceptional ingredients for powerful skin & personal care cosmetics and color effect applications.

We are leaders in the cosmetics industry because science is the core of what we do. Through extensive research and rigorous testing in our labs, we help customers create high quality cosmetics for the present and develop new possibilities for the products of tomorrow.

We drive conversations in the cosmetics industry that keep key players focused on what matters most to consumers – such as quality, safety, and transparency. We share our data for the greater good and proactively collaborate across regulatory bodies, cosmetic associations, and industry leaders.

From the raw materials we source to the ingredients we create, we hold ourselves to the highest standards - in ethics, environmental impact, safety, and quality - to deliver the best of the best.

Here within the Cosmetics Business of Merck we believe no one should make sacrifices for beauty - because an honest, safe, and sustainable world is a beautiful one.

Merck Electronics KGaA


We supply the scientific solutions to meet consumers’ well-being wishes with our range of Care Solutions.


As the industry’s effect pigment expert, we have a large portfolio of cosmetic effect pigments based on substrates and coating technologies. All our pigments can be used safely, feel incredible on skin and are easy to include in a vast range of products including rinse-off applications.


Our functional fillers add the finishing touch to all cosmetic applications, but especially to color cosmetics and skin care products. Our carefully selected ingredients are multitalented and instantly effective. They can modify textures, improve sensory profiles or application properties.


Respect for the environment and natural resources is at the heart of sustainable code of conduct. We at Merck see this as our duty, too. As a supplier for the beauty and personal care industry, we help our customers to fulfill their respective sustainability goals by adding our materials to their final products. At Merck, we take responsibility every day – and have been doing so for nearly 350 years.

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The Electronics business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany operates as EMD Electronics in the U.S. and Canada.

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