LOOkX Retinol2ndG: Best Serum finalist for the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2022

Published: 3-May-2022

One of LOOkX's skincare products has been nominated for a Pure Beauty Global Award. The brand is proud to announce that the LOOkX Retinol2ndG serum is one of the finalists of the category 'Best Serum'

A bit more about this amazing, effective serum:

We took the ultimate anti-ageing solution and made it even better. The LOOkX Retinol2ndg serum contains encapsulated retinol for a real anti-ageing boost. This new generation of retinol is less aggressive & can be absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin. The serum promotes firmness and reduces lines, resulting in soft, elastic, smoother skin.

Read more about it on lookx.com

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