Labskin’s pioneering approach to testing skin care products by cloning a patient’s skin microbiome and transplanting it on to Labskin human skin equivalent allows a wide range of testing that no longer requires invasive procedures on patients. Data from next generation sequencing of the Labskin and skin biome is coupled with AI processes to interpret and direct further development of skin care products in a controlled and efficient manner, reducing development time and costs

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At Labskin we deliver human skin microbiology services to support your product R&D activities in the cosmetic, personal care, medical device and pharmaceutical sectors. With our sector experience and use of technology, you will be accessing industry-focused services supported by world-leading skin science expertise.

Whether you need rapid, focused analysis or flexible, tailor-made research programmes we can help you develop and validate skin care ingredients and products which really work.

Our skin model is a 3D human skin equivalent that incorporates vital biological components to model normal skin function.

Developed over 12 years with more than 30 scientific journal publications, it is made from young keratinocytes (human skin cells) and adult fibroblasts (metabolically active, collagen-producing human skin cells).

Labskin is a full thickness human skin equivalent. Incorporating fully-differentiated dermal and epidermal components that functionally models skin, Labskin and the services we offer allow you to carry out high quality skin research and tests.

Whether you are conducting basic or applied skin research, testing compounds or formulated products from the cosmetic, pharmaceutical or chemical sectors, Labskin offers you a high-quality, convenient, reliable and reproducible living skin model.

We have a team of highly skilled scientists. We operate in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities with the latest hi-tech equipment. We are dedicated to developing innovative products and helping you conduct validated research, experiments and tests that meet market demand and regulatory needs.

Our skin microbiology services include:

  • Antimicrobial profiling of ingredients, prototypes, formulations
  • Investigation of pro and prebiotic effects on natural microflora
  • Residual antimicrobial activity after product application
  • Quantitative microbiology of the skin
  • Skin microbiology consultancy.

Applications include:


Naturally present microflora provide a lifelike environment for the study of new ingredients and formulations.

Skin care:

Ability to grow harmful bacteria associated with acne, psoriasis and eczema offering a unique treatment test platform.


Anti-microbial, anti-dandruff and other fungal infection models avoid the high cost of volunteer human clinical trials.

Personal hygiene:

From outer ear-wax formulation to time sensitive toxic shock testing on internal female hygiene products.

Wound care:

Measuring the effects of healing compounds or infection of diabetic ulcers is no longer a trial and error exercise.


Demonstration of the use of DMI, penetration enhancer, to increase the absorption of anti-fungal treatments.

Other services:


Continuous monitoring of changes in the test environment indicates the impact of the substance being tested, providing real-time data for faster results analysis.

Labskin certification

Labskin certification validates and confirms to customers they are buying a product that has been tested to bring their skin microbiome back into balance.

AI data analytics

State-of-the-art machine learning, continuous monitoring, compares results to quality standards, providing real-time verification and client accessible reports.

Remote clinical trials

An innovative method of conducting clinical skin research. It combines Labskin’s lab grown 3D skin models, its ability to collect and replicate a volunteer’s microbiome onto these models and proven technologies – online engagement, video, document management, workflow – to create timely and cost effective remote trials – that are easier and safer for the trial participants.

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