Jeffree Star expands into self-care with new limited edition range

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 18-Jul-2022

The Lavender Lemonade Collection marks Star’s debut candle and home fragrance line

Jeffree Star, the beauty YouTuber and brand owner, is expanding into self-care with his upcoming Lavender Lemonade collection.

Star said the limited edition range has been designed to soothe and calm the skin, with a particular focus on sleep wellness routines.

From RRP US$16, Lavender Lemonade will be available on from 22 July.

The collection includes a Lavender Lemonade Repair and Revive Lip Mask, Lavender Lemonade Sleep Mist and Lavender Lemonade Bath Salts.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is also breaking into home fragrance, with the launch of a Lavender Lemonade candle.

Star said in a YouTube video unveiling the line that consumers can expect further home fragrance products in the future.

“Summer is officially here and it's time for a new limited edition collection from Jeffree Star Skin,” wrote Star in the description of the YouTube video unveiling the line.

“Come take a relaxing journey and explore the Lavender Lemonade Collection featuring new skin care formulas and revisiting a few iconic formulas with a twist.”

Alongside the cosmetics, customers will also be able to purchase a Lavender Travel Skin Care Bag, Lavender Lemonade Windbreaker and a Side Bag.

Star founded Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2014, launching a lipstick range, palettes and lip scrubs.

Since then Star has released a number of collections, including a controversial Cremated make-up line during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Star launched a surprise skin care range in February 2022, with a debut lineup of seven core products.

The self-confessed ‘skin care junkie’ said that he wanted to start with the “basics” for his new venture.

Skus included a hydrating moisturiser, make-up removing balm, cleanser, facial toner, eye cream, lip mask and face mist (US$16-$32).

The path to Stardom

The social media influencer first gained public attention in the early 2000s from his beauty and lifestyle MySpace blog.

From there he was encouraged by celebrity friend Samantha Maloney, an American musician, to enter the music industry.

This brief stint as a singer and songwriter saw Star release an album titled Beauty Killer.

His music career, however, ended abruptly in 2013 after the label owner of Konvict Muzik ran into legal troubles.

The following year Star launched his cosmetics brand, which expanded into pet care in 2021.

In April 2022, Star launched a branded gun, and received widespread backlash on social media.

“Stop glamourising firearms,” one Instagram user wrote on the Star’s Instagram.

“Prioritising such violence, which is responsible for thousands of innocent children's deaths, is disgusting.

“All you are doing is perpetuating the normalisation of abuse, fear and anger.”

Another Twitter user said that the launch was “sinister”.

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics custom-made firearm was developed in partnership with arms manufacturer Beretta.

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