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Ithos Global Inc. is a technology company specialising in international cosmetics and nutritional product compliance and regulation

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Our integrated enterprise software and patented processes provide automated, efficient, and highly accurate compliance solutions that:

  • Strengthen supply chain organisation and transparency over ingredients
  • Generate and organize expertly formatted compliance reports
  • Provide access to up-to-date regulatory information from across the globe
  • Improve time to market by reducing risk of reformulation, relabeling, and other regulatory issue-related delays, bringing down the cost to execute.

Ingredient SAFE™

Visit our self-serve online safety data sheet authoring tool at, where you can securely create and generate your own safety data sheets in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean.

Designed with the cosmetics industry in mind, Ingredient SAFE™ leverages Ithos Global’s robust compliance software and vast information network, including a database of 25,000+ INCIs.

Regulatory Content & Compliance Analysis

Ithos Global reviews raw materials and formulas against global regulations and stays up to date on regulatory changes that could affect your products. We create compliance reports on formulas and finished goods and manage formula and product development through all stages of development.


  • Shave months off your NPI process by conducting regulatory reviews and creating compliance reports in minutes

  • Stay ahead of the constantly changing regulatory world with weekly news updates that affect your products by utilizing Ithos Delphi.
  • Increase visibility and accountability in all stages of your workflow processes to connect departments and pinpoint inefficiencies.

On Demand Services

In addition to our subscription packages, we offer pay-as-you go regulatory analysis and compliance reporting on raw materials, formulas or finished goods, including:

  • Safety Data Sheet Authoring
  • Formula and Raw Material Ingredient Regulatory Screening
  • Ingredient Listing
  • Quantitative Decking
  • Product Information File (PIF) Assembly
  • Finished Good Label Review
  • Regulatory Consulting
  • Health Canada Product Registration
  • US FDA Cosmetic Product and OTC Registration
  • European Union Cosmetic Product Notification.

Compliance Document Management (RMCL)

Designed as a solution for review and approval of raw materials and ingredients, we provide a centralized repository of all supplier documentation and data management. Opportunities include:

  • Review attributes on compliance and claims

  • Compare similar attributes for informed decision making

  • Create workflows to permit RM qualification and approval

  • Stay up-to-date on substance specific news

  • Streamline raw material qualification and selection for product development

  • Be aware of regulations and attributes that could affect your finished good claims

  • Organize documentation

  • Be more efficient with internal and external communication

Seamless Integration with Ithos Connect

Our cloud-based solutions integrate via an API with a variety of business applications to provide access to the tools and information your business needs to make regulatory compliance a strategic advantage.

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