Inorganic and mineral-based UV filters

Published: 27-May-2020

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Inorganic, mineral-based UV filters
Live Cosmetics Conference: June 9th

Do you want to create efficient sun and light protection products, with a pleasant skin feeling? Or products which are not only kind to skin but also sustainable to the environment?

Inorganic UV filters are the best choice! We offer a broad range of products with different coatings and performances, which we will focus on during the presentation.

Such as, Eusolex T-AVO or Eusolex T-2000, highly effective broad-spectrum UVA/B filters with excellent SPF and UVA-PF synergies with other UV filters.

Mineral-based UV filters are more ocean and reef friendly and highly recommended as ecologically compatible solutions. The product of choice for sensitive skin care and child-friendly products. Discover more benefits here:

  • Broad-spectrum grade UVA/B filter
  • Full mineral sun care for sensitive skin
  • Excellent SPF and UVA-PF synergies
  • Eusolex T products rated as GRASE by US FDA

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