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Published: 6-Mar-2012

Connect, Collaborate, Innovate – senior executive experts from some of the world’s biggest cosmetics and personal care brands will be discussing this and more at InnoCos Europe conference (May 30-31, Geneva) and InnoCos US conference (July 11-12, New York).

Connect, Collaborate, Innovate – senior executive experts from some of the world’s biggest cosmetics and personal care brands will be discussing this and more at InnoCos Europe conference (May 30-31, Geneva) and InnoCos US conference (July 11-12, New York).

The 2-day events feature interactive workshops and case study sessions on new trends, new markets, new products and how you can maximize business success by putting innovation at the core of your company.  
Aimed at innovation, new product development and marketing executives this is the new must attend event for professionals in the cosmetics and personal care industry.

Lisanne Vos, Chief Creative Officer at KGS stated, “InnoCos Europe has been such a huge success over the last 2 years that executives in the US were asking us to bring the event to North America, which we are more than happy to do!  So we are happy to announce that InnoCos will be held in both Europe and the US this year.”
In this fast-paced environment, rapid and continuous new product development is the norm. But what happens when the customer wants to be a stakeholder in that process? The digital age is encouraging mass customization, not only in how products are developed, but also how they are marketed and sold globally.
To truly stay ahead in this marketplace, companies need to respond quickly and decisively to global trends, transforming traditional customer-facing functions into activities with a competitive edge.
InnoCos Europe and USA will feature the most innovative industry leaders who will cover these topics in their presentations and interactive workshops.

Online, digital and social media marketing features quite heavily on both events.
Jacques Mathieu, Senior Director Consumer Insight, Oriflame will examine how to listen, learn and innovate through a dedicated web-community whilst Valerie Hoecke, VP Digital Experience and Commerce, Benefit Cosmetics will discuss how to utilize digital and social media for local market innovation.
As requested by past attendees, InnoCos Europe will feature a case study outside of the industry by Nestle Waters who will share their experiences on winning customers with innovative social and digital campaigns, featuring the story of how the marketing team implemented a marketing strategy to target a younger market; digital initiatives, the PERRIER ID card, branded communities, the Dita von Tease campaign and Le Club Perrier.  This session will be invaluable to those who want to gain insight from a different perspective and industry.
The development of sustainable cosmetics will be covered by Dr. Werner Schuh, Corporate Director Regulatory Affairs & Sustaibability, Henkel, who will discuss their sustainability strategy, implementation, integration of sustainability into the product development process and applying life cycle thinking to cosmetics through product examples and achievements.  
The area of trends will be well covered on both events, by Rimma Driscoll, Associate Director EMEA, Global Business Development, P&G on the European event and George-Edouard Dias, SVP e-Business, L’Oréal on the US conference.
Join Mintel for an overview of one of the hottest beauty trends – beauty devices. Their session focuses on innovation, with examples of new beauty devices launched by European companies, and relates these devices to consumer trends. It includes exclusive Mintel data on European women’s attitudes to selected beauty devices. Conclusions address areas for further growth and development.
Skincare trends, the future of anti-aging innovations, biotechnology and creating strategies to build customer loyalty in this very competitive market will be covered by Sif Cosmetics.
Innovating and kick starting projects through creative partnerships is another area that features highly in both events.  Our expert speakers will explore and examine how to combine and build internal collaboration and external partnerships and alliances for quicker innovation. Expert speaker Fabienne Jacquet, Director External Innovation, Colgate Palmolive will cover this area. Charlotte Marion, VP Outsourcing and Innovation Process, CHANEL Parfums Beaute will discuss how they choose the right partner, gain buy-in from internal stakeholders and the cycle from sourcing to product development.
InnoCos Europe are very excited to welcome Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder, Mama Mio who will speak on how to give women what they really really want – and build a beauty brand while you’re at it.  Mama Mio is much loved by their loyal customers and a band of high profile celebrity fans including Jessica Alba, Christy Turlington and Stella McCartney.  Entrepreneur Sian Sutherland will be highlighting how a niche can be an advantage in today's market.
An interactive panel discussion will highlight how the future of retailing will impact new product development with expert panelists from Shiseido, Sephora and more. Romain Gaillard, Founder, Detox Market will discuss online and offline retail integration as well as supplier and retailer partnerships, which will no doubt will lead to an interesting discussion.
Online is an invaluable place to be but to ensure the potency of experience commerce initiative social media activation must be employed! InnoCos US will feature a very special hands-on workshop focused on the ultimate experience commerce – exploring the critical relationship between video-rich content and social media activation in the beauty industry facilitated by Ross Glick, CEO, iNDELIBLE which includes dynamic audience involvement.  This session will be held on July 11 at 3pm.
Other topics to be discussed during the events are new markets – male grooming in China by Lab Series and how to successfully launch brands and products into new markets by Laura Mercier.  Driving loyalty and CRM through print, digital, social media, sampling and CRM will be presented by Aveda, whilst Vitacare will speak on how to raise awareness in an overcrowded market place. Giles Chappell, Independent Legal Consultant, will present and answer any questions on national, EU and international institutional frameworks for cosmetics and personal care products.
“We welcomed many top senior executives from the world’s biggest beauty and personal care brands, manufacturers and suppliers at InnoCos 2011 resulting in a sold out event, which validates just how important this event is for professionals in the industry” states Vos.  She continues, “The executives who attended our past InnoCos events actually requested an online community where they can stay in touch all year round, discuss industry topics and stay up-to-date with the latest news, thus leading to the creation of <> . It is terrific to see that the attendees are still in such close contact with each other after the event and are excited to attend the next InnoCos event where they can meet up again and discuss business issues face-to-face, it really heightens their experience.”
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