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Superdrug signs deals expert Chloe Carmichael as cost of living ambassador

The money saving expert will help shoppers spot the best promotions at the UK beauty retailer as part of its ongoing cost of living campaign

Superdrug deems SPF a ‘healthcare essential’ and cuts price of own-brand sun care by 20%

The retailer has reduced the price of 41 Solait products in the wake of charities campaigning for the UK government to make sunscreens VAT-exempt

Vacation secures $6 million in series A investment to grow the brand

The sunscreen company will use the funding to boost its distribution, launch new “leisure-enhancing” products and secure more talent

Sun exposure happens, but these ingredients will help soothe the burn

Rounding up cosmetic ingredients that are ideal for addressing the immediate and long term damages caused by sun exposure

Cosmetics Business Picks: 7 colourful and calming beauty launches out now

Cosmetics Business rounds up seven new beauty launches which are now available to purchase in store and online

Cosmetics Business Picks: 8 new launches to get ready for summer

Cosmetics Business rounds up eight more products out in April, plus a look at James Charles’ debut make-up collection coming this summer

Ski season sun care: What goes into the optimum sunscreen stick?

Gattefossé's Caroline Perdriel explains how to achieve a sunscreen stick product with a light sensoriality and high SPF

3 trends heating up the sun care category

From retinol sunscreen to multi-protection products that go beyond SPF, Cosmetics Business rounds up the category's emerging trends

Staying on top of trends is crucial to remain competitive

Cosmetics Business publishes a monthly subscriber exclusive Trend Report which can act as your go-to-guide on trends that are shaping the industry.

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Bottling sunshine: How to pack you sun care products

Sunscreens have always demanded specific packaging requirements; however, the desire for more sustainable formulations is growing hand-in-hand with...

How SPF mists became a bestselling sunscreen format

Consumers are snapping up sprays that make reapplication easy, avoid disturbing make-up, and now offer skin care benefits

Kosé signs baseball star Shohei Ohtani as brand ambassador

The Los Angeles Angels athlete will front campaigns for the beauty company’s flagship brands Decorté and Sekkisei

Benzene in sunscreens: The story behind the findings

Following recent recalls in the US of sun care products found to contain the known human carcinogen benzene, David Light, CEO of Valisure, the comp...

How beauty giants can stay ahead of the competition

The beauty industry can be complex for larger scale corporations, but Cosmetics Business has a number of resources that can help.

Current events: How safe are ‘ocean friendly’ sunscreens?

With 74% of customers likely to shop sunscreens marketed with eco-credentials, Cosmetics Business investigates the authenticity of sun care that is...

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BASF upgrades Sunscreen Simulator

Tanning brand advert banned for claiming sunbeds can 'help with Alzheimer's'

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Shoppers trade down to basic sun protection to overcome extra expense

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