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How AI Can Help You Create Products Your Consumers Really Want

Published: 9-Aug-2023


Consumers are hopping on social media to share product reviews, discover dupes, try out viral trends, and demand a more sustainable future. With so many platforms and datapoints to keep track of, how can brands keep up with, and anticipate, consumer behavior?

Join Maria Nguyen, cosnova's Trends & Consumer Insights Manager, and Black Swan Data to explore the future of the category by analyzing millions of online consumer conversations.

Which products, ingredients and claims are consumers looking for? How are skincare benefits making their way into cosmetics? What's next in sustainable packaging? How can brands avoid greenwashing?

They answer these questions and more by using AI to predict which trends will grow with an 89% accuracy.

Watch on demand today: hpcimedia.com/service/signup-campaign/BlackSwan_0823

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