Groupe GM to market Sterisol’s Ecosource airless dispenser

Published: 6-Sep-2011

First preservative-free dispenser designed for the hospitality industry

Hospitality products distributor Groupe GM has been granted the exclusive rights to market an environmentally friendly cosmetics dispenser designed for hotels, bars and restaurants. The Ecosource airless dispenser, manufactured by Swedish supplier Sterisol, pumps products manufactured and vacuum packed at a high temperature in sterile pouches, which helps prevent any risk of oxidation or bacterial contamination, guaranteeing the contents are kept fresh and dispensing with the need for preservatives.

“For environmental and financial reasons, hotels are increasingly concerned about their consumption of natural resources (water, energy waste),” noted Laurent Marchand, president of Groupe GM. “The patented technology of Ecosource airless dispenser allows you to reduce the amount of packaging used to only 11g per refill and we have found the consumption of cosmetics using this device to be almost three times lower than with other dispensers.”

Consumption established over a three-month period showed an average use of about 12ml of Ecosource cosmetic products per room, whereas the average for a classic dispenser tends to be 35ml.

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