Gosulin Rice – An ingredient that can instantly remove blackheads

Published: 21-Nov-2023

More than a thousand years ago, Japanese women discovered that rice water has some amazing skin-smoothing properties. Nowadays, people are rediscovering this ancient beauty. The inspiration from this trend was translated to the ingredient Gosulin Rice, which unlocks a whole new potential of rice

Gosulin Rice consists of ultra-small and uniform rice particles. These particles have a very high oil absorption capacity. A special heat treatment enlarges the pores of the granule enabling it to absorb 85% of oil compared to its own weight. Although silica beads outperform by absorbing 14% more oil, Gosulin Rice is the more economical choice.

The real strength of Gosulin Rice is expressed against Acne-prone skin. A unique property of Gosulin Rice is that you can make leave-on claims in rinse-off conditions. So together, this allows for unique applications to make rinse-off products for acne-prone skin. This property is achieved by having the perfect amylose versus amylopectin ratio; Gosulin Rice does not contribute to stickiness, still, it stays on the skin. Moreover, it stays on the skin even after rinsing.

A 25% Gosulin Rice product can instantly remove blackheads. When you apply the product and wash your face for a minute, 90% of the blackheads are gone. More importantly, Gosulin Rice does this very gently. When you remove too much sebum, the sebaceous gland starts to produce even more sebum. Fortunately, Gosulin Rice keeps the sebum root intact and only absorbs the top layer of sebum, meaning that you take a step forward in treating Acne.

A dosage of 5% Gosulin Rice is already enough to be able to unclog pores in rinse-off conditions. With 5% Gosulin Rice, you can unclog 20% of the pores, and 10% Gosulin Rice unclogs 50% of the pores. So, a higher concentration of Gosulin Rice increases the number of unclogged pores.

A second big perk of Gosulin Rice is that it is still doing its job when everything else is evaporated. The rice particles remain at the pore’s opening. So, if there is still sebum released, it is immediately absorbed by the rice. When you treat the skin daily for a week, the pores are reduced in size by 60%.

Gosulin Rice was inspired by the ancient Japanese rice water. Hopefully, Gosulin Rice will take the next step and initiate an inspiring wave of cosmetics, being the next beacon of innovation.

Gosulin Rice – An ingredient that can instantly remove blackheads

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