Semi-Cold Process – The beginning of a new era in formulating cosmetics

Published: 19-Jun-2024

Emulsions are everywhere in cosmetics. It is the fundament of a cream, butter, or milk. Emulsions help hydrate the skin and contribute greatly to the skin feel

Emulsions are prepared either cold or warm. It is possible to emulsify cold if all the oils are liquid. However, often the formula contains waxes, butters, or another solid oil. Then, the emulsion must be prepared warm; both phases are heated to approximately 75°C, ensuring all oils are melted. The downside is that this is both time and energy-consuming. It takes a long time until the formula is cooled down and energy to heat up. Especially now, resources to generate energy have become scarce.

StabiCare® COLD allows for a revolutionary new method to emulsify called Semi-Cold process. Here, the water phase remains at room temperature while the oil phase is heated to melting temperature. Emulsifying is done with this temperature difference. In the past, this led to unstable emulsions, but the unique chemistry of StabiCare® COLD makes it possible. StabiCare® COLD emulsifies so quickly that the temperature difference is negligible. Semi-cold process has numerous advantages:

  1. It saves time because the formula does not have to cool down anymore.
  2. Less energy is required to make a formulation.
  3. Subsequently, it saves on costs.
  4. In production, only one vessel has to be heated, meaning that less equipment is necessary.

StabiCare® COLD opens the doors to a whole new way of formulating cosmetics. It contributes to greener cosmetics and makes formulating more accessible to everyone.

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