GEKA releases its first Sustainability Report

Published: 20-Jun-2022

As a part of medmix, a global leader in high-precision delivery devices, GEKA (medmix Beauty) is releasing its first Sustainability report, outlining the commitment to and progress towards the company’s sustainability goals

The reduction of the carbon footprint of its global value chain is one of the key targets discussed in the report – with the medmix objective of achieving a 30% reduction compared to 2019, in addition to securing at least “B” ranking from CDP.

On this target, GEKA has already secured a B ranking from CDP and has decreased overall carbon footprint by 13.2% compared to 2019. It is on track to achieve the 30% reduction target objective by 2025.

“At medmix our mission is to provide innovative solutions that help millions of people live healthier and more confident lives. Our commitment to sustainability remains at the forefront of our business agenda. With GEKA as a market-leader in cosmetic applicators and packaging solutions, we drive the development of sustainable Beauty” says Girts Cimermans, CEO medmix.

“I am proud of the programs and initiatives discussed in this report, and I am excited by what lies ahead, as we continue delivering on our sustainability strategy.”

Download GEKA’s sustainability report here: GEKA’s sustainability report

GEKA takes a systematic approach, working closely with its’ stakeholders across the value chain, suppliers, employees, communities, and customers to develop and deliver solutions that drive meaningful, long-lasting, and positive change.

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