GEKA outpaces industry across key CDP rankings

Published: 3-Jan-2023

medmix Beauty brand GEKA has once again been recognised by the CDP for its global sustainability initiatives, earning an industry-leading B rating for its efforts to reduce climate change

The CDP reports cover the company’s actions and objectives to promote sustainability and water security among other activities, providing transparency for the company’s customers and suppliers.

As experts in high-precision beauty application solutions, medmix Beauty brand GEKA is a forward-thinking company with an ambitious, genuine leadership. As part of its overall ESG strategy, the manufacturer transparently reports the steps it takes to enhance sustainability. This disclosure allows GEKA to constantly assess its ESG impact and policies, while helping the beauty industry move towards a more sustainable, environmentally aware economy with the goal of zero waste-to-landfill.

In line with this commitment, GEKA discloses key details about its operations to the CDP, an independent, international non-profit organisation working with investors, companies, cities, and regions to accurately assess their environmental impact. Based on this year’s evaluation, GEKA was recognised for its good environmental management. With a B score on climate change performance, the company has outperformed most plastic product manufacturers and global production companies as the industry average score is C.

“The reports provided by the CDP are invaluable tools for anyone interested in pushing forward sustainability within their organisation," says Adrian Cawsey, Senior Sustainability Manager at medmix. "They help us to better understand the risks and opportunities related to our practices and take action to reduce our impact on the environment. In addition, these efforts allow us to better track our progress and identify further areas for improvement. The reports also provide our customers with independent verification of the sustainability business."

Overall, GEKA's dedication to ESG issues manifests in its governance processes, objectives, emission reduction measures, energy, and risk management as well as its drive for value chain participation. By embracing a holistic and proactive approach to sustainability, GEKA is establishing itself as an industry leader supporting positive change for the environment and society.

As a part of medmix, a global leader in high-precision delivery devices, GEKA has set key sustainability goals based on the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), such as achieving a 30% reduction in its greenhouse gas emissions by 2029 versus 2019. To achieve this objective, medmix Beauty continues to increase its use of renewable resources, while also optimising energy efficiency at its facilities and increasing its range of reduced-impact product lines.

In addition, GEKA works closely with its customers to encourage the use of reduced-impact products and increase the availability of more sustainable beauty products for end users. Reinforcing its drive to create a greener beauty industry, GEKA has been awarded its third Platinum rating for sustainability by EcoVadis demonstrating leadership within its sector as part of the top 1% of companies assessed.

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