First-to-market airless bottle in aluminum comes out!

Published: 21-Jul-2022

UA has been providing packaging to beauty brands for 20 years and now launches the perfect answer to the need for luxury sustainable packs. Beauty brands will not have to compromise upscale looks to achieve low environmental impact

In other words, the sustainable pack can be charming and glamorous too. It is time for you to switch to the new generation of sustainable luxe; here we introduce our refillable ALU-Airless.

50% Plastic reduction

Currently, the feature of the most well received luxury-packaging model is crystal-like, heavy wall design, and the heavy-wall component occupies 50% of plastic usage in packaging. To reduce plastic use, UA changes material from plastic to aluminum and keeps the same shape style to make sure the sustainable version is still versatile use for all beauty fields.

Aluminum can be 100% recyclable and endlessly reusable

However heavy wall plastic component is not recyclable because their material is SAN or PMMA, and the recycle symbol is 7 which means they are hard to recycle even unrecyclable in some area where no advanced recycling facility. The same problem won’t happen with Aluminum because it is mono-metal material and 100% can be recyclable and is endlessly reusable, nearly all recycling company is happy to collect aluminum waste because of the mature and high-value recycling stream.

Safety formula preservation and 100% recyclable airless recharger

The airless system features an internal one-way valve system with 'flow control', which blocks air from returning into the tube and a refillable container made from recyclable material makes sure the lowest plastic waste even ZERO waste in repeat use. Since the airless refill is made of plastic, it is compatible with almost all kinds of skin care in the industry, such as creams, serums, gels, foundations, and more.

Easy separation to recycle plastic and aluminum separately

Glue-free assembly design makes separating aluminum shells and plastic parts easy to make sure different materials can be put into the right recycle bin and recycled.

50/30ml is available; please click here to download the full introduction.

To achieve eco-friendly, we will not stop there. In the future, we will provide more aluminum packaging according to the needs of the market and customers. At the same time, we will continue to expand and improve other eco-solutions, such as PCR, OBP, paper-made, refillable packaging, metal-free, and so on. If you have any ideas in mind, contact us to discover a fast custom-made solution at

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