Faca Packaging celebrates 50 years

Published: 22-Jan-2021

In addition to this celebration, it is also a special year with regard to the development of molds

This year is the 50th anniversary of Faca Packaging. In addition to this celebration, it is also a special year with regard to the development of molds; Faca has added the mold number 3000 to its workshop and mold manufacturing, which demonstrates the constant investment in Research and Development in injection and blow-molding to innovate our products.

At present, we find ourselves in a situation in which new markets demand a change in seeking sustainable solutions, and Faca Packaging is leading the way in this field.

New technologies

Faca Packaging celebrates 50 years

This year Faca Packaging has launched its most representative model, the T22 – version refill jar, which has been the subject of constant imitations in the last 20 years. Right now it has a refillable goblet, as well as the possibility of manufacturing its recyclable and recycled materials.

In addition, Faca has launched an authentic and unique airless jar on the market to preserve natural creams.


This year has also been very special for Faca Packaging as it is in the continuous process of updating and further developing the machinery. Strong investments have been made in state-of-the-art machinery that is more sustainable and with lower consumption levels, both in the injection process, with the acquisition of heavy-duty machinery to allow multi-cavity molds in decoration, as well as in the assembly by cutting edge machinery such as using ultra-high-speed artificial vision cameras for quality control.

Since 2019, the company uses 100% renewable energy in the three factories, the Injection mold factory, as well as its offices, thus continuing with the commitment to a sustainable environment. The entire electricity consumption comes from fully renewable energy.

Faca continues with the purpose of manufacturing 100% cleanroom and havs the approval of ISO-9001 certification and the current development of ISO-14001.

Value Added

Faca products have two important factors:

The first one is the technical factor, this must guarantee the sealing and the properties of the cream, which are the functional elements on which the packaging design must be based.

The second is aesthetics, where essential aspects such as design, decoration and finishes intervene. The extensive knowledge of these 50 years allows the company to achieve that aesthetic, technological and functional challenge is met. Faca Packaging maintain the philosophy of launching between 4 and 5 models per year, as well as increasing the list of patents that accumulates more than 300 until now.

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