The future eco and digital packaging

Published: 8-Sep-2022

Faca Packaging is very focused on eco-designs made with recycled materials and with little weight to reduce energy costs, as well as on the connectivity of the packaging

The packaging sector has been immersed for several years in a great process of eco transformation.

Faca Packaging is completely aligned with this trend, and as a consequence it is in a continuous development of sustainable solutions for the stages of the packaging life cycle.

It is mainly about the incorporation of new materials, design with the perspective of sustainability and recyclability, as well as the reduction of the carbon footprint generated in the manufacturing and logistics of packaging.

SKINCARE T22 Refill Packaging - Bio-sourced polymer - Verified by ECOCERT.

Faca Packaging will be at Luxepack Monaco 2022 presenting the latest sustainable packaging solutions.

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