Eylure\'s brow revolution

Published: 21-Jul-2014

Eyelure\'s new eyebrow products

Eyelash brand Eylure has unveiled ten new products for a complete brow look at home, launching in July. The products are divided into four categories or steps, and are designed to be used together as a complete offering.

Step 1 is Permanent Tint for Brows, a single permanent colour application in two shades that the brand claims can last for up to six weeks.

Step 2 includes Brow Stencils, reusable brow templates in four different arch shapes; and Brow Shapers, specially shaped cold wax strips for easy hair removal around the brows.

Step 3 comprises four products for defining and shaping brows: Brow Palette, including wax, powder and highlighter; Brow Pencil, a firm, waterproof pencil to build up colour; Brow Crayon, a soft, smudge-proof pencil for intense colour; and Brow Ink, a double-ended pen for a tattoo-type effect on the brows.

Step 4 features three products for brow maintenance: Brow Tame & Define Wax, containing almond and rosemary oils to condition hair as it grows while keeping brows groomed; Brow Control & Shape Gel to hold brows in place; and Brow Nourishing Oil, a fragrant mix containing both argan and rosemary oils to nourish eyebrows during the night.

The products will be available from retailers including Superdrug, Boots and ASOS.

RRP from £4.95, Original Additions, eylure.com.

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