Dr Bronner's star in new documentary about saving the planet... and making a profit

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 6-Nov-2018

Best known for its Organic Pure-Castile soap, the fair trade brand feature in the green business-focused Fix The World and Make Money series via YouTube

Organic soap and body care brand Dr Bronner’s is the subject of a new documentary highlighting green businesses.

Fix The World and Make Money will feature the 70-year-old company in a 24 minute episode and follows the Dr Bronner's leadership team for 24 hours, highlighting their ambitions and its commitment to ‘treat employees like family’.

“Our business is proof-positive that a company can be successful and achieve profits, while still providing fair pay and benefits to our employees, and investing in efforts to make the world a better place,” said Mike Bronner, President of Dr Bronner’s.

“Innovation and positive change are happening all over the world, and this series is an inspiration for entrepreneurs and change-makers to use business as a force for good.”

Erik Loots, co-filmmaker of the Fix the World and Make Money, added: “Our news cycle is focused mostly on things that go wrong. We felt that kind of an approach wasn’t going to inspire people.

“The Dr Bronner’s story is one of hope, finding solutions that benefit all, but making a big profit along the way. Combine that with two brothers who are willing to open up and you’ve got something quite magical.”

Watch Fix The World and Make Money here:

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