Dove Men+Care urges men to hug without fear of sweat in new campaign

By Austyn King | Published: 23-Feb-2023

81% of men would be put off from hugging someone due to worries about sweat, the #HugLikeADoveMan campaign revealed

Dove Men+Care is aiming to empower men to express their affection without worries of underarm sweat in its latest deodorant campaign.

81% of men said that sweat is a consideration that would prevent them from hugging someone, according to research commissioned by the Unilever-owned brand.

45%, meanwhile, believed they would show more affection if their sweat was better controlled.

In response, Dove Men+Care has launched its #HugLikeADoveMan campaign alongside its newly reformulated 72-hour antiperspirant, in a bid to give men the confidence to show care without the worry of underarm sweat or odour.

"Through our research, we uncovered that sweat interferes with men's daily activities,” said Lindsey Phillips, Senior Brand Manager, Dove Men+Care at Unilever. 

"To #HugLikeADoveMan is to confidently show care to others, without feeling held back by underarm distractions.

“Our new 72-hour product reformulation will help men freely and unselfconsciously care for others, without any unnecessary distractions."

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To launch the new campaign, Dove took to the streets of Philadelphia in the US to console American football fans following The Big Game.

The brand’s ‘Hug Team’ offered hugs to fans of the losing team in need, as well as free samples of its reformulated antiperspirant.

The latest initiative forms part of Unilever’s – which also counts deodorant brands Sure and Lynx in its portfolio – ongoing mission to shake up the ‘stagnant’ deodorant market, amid competition from challenger brands.

Read the company’s exclusive interview with Cosmetics Business here.


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