Deadline approaching for Beauty & Money Summit, NY early bird pricing

Published: 26-Jul-2018

In a world where businesses like Kylie Cosmetics can go from zero to $420 million in sales in just 18 months, and M&A activity continues to thrive, there is plenty of opportunity for new entrants from both Beauty and from Money to take advantage of the booming industry.

The Beauty & Money Summit is THE destination for the hottest M&A-ready independent beauty brands to connect with Strategic and Financial Buyers looking to build even more enterprise value with their next acquisition or investment.

At the inaugural Beauty & Money Summit in New York last year, Independent Beauty Brands, Investors and Strategic Buyers requested over 1000 one-to-one meetings to find their perfect match. We’re incredibly excited to bring this one-day beauty business partnering event back to New York.

Join 250+ of the most innovative beauty companies, strategic buyers and investors looking for the next big opportunity and you will:

  • Discover the latest key trends and hot topics transforming the beauty industry.
  • Uncover key areas of growth and innovation in skincare, colour cosmetics, haircare, fragrance and beauty technology.
  • Recognise the future of beauty and hear from 12 independent beauty brands, handpicked by the prestigious selection committee, showcasing their products and innovations.
  • Share experiences and network with leading brands, investors and industry supporting companies and beauty influencers shaping the industry.

Did you know…

One of the Beauty Spotlight brands that presented in New York a year ago, Scentbird, has received $18.6m in a Series A funding round. At the Summit in September, Mariya Nurislamova, CEO & Co-Founder of Scentbird will discuss the brands recent funding, touching upon how Scentbird found and engaged with investors and offering advice to brands around considerations pre and post funding.

If you’re not seeking investment but keen to hear more about the latest trends and take advantage of networking opportunities, attend the summit to join 250+ of the most innovative beauty companies, strategic buyers and investors in the industry.

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With the US cosmetics and personal care market being the most competitive in the world, and with truly global brands and opportunities, competition is high. Don't miss the opportunity to meet the hottest independent brands and connect with could make be the one making waves in the industry.

Book your tickets today before August 3rd to save up to $200.

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