Cristina Saiani to lead new INOLEX headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Published: 30-Sep-2016

INOLEX is excited to announce the opening of its new Commercial office and Warehouse, INOLEX do Brazil in Sao Paulo, which will be led by Country Manager Cristina Saiani.

The foundation of INOLEX do Brazil follows the opening of a Commercial office & Technical Center in Guangzhou, China earlier this year and shows INOLEX’s commitment to solidify its presence globally.

“Cristina’s extensive and diverse background makes her the ideal person to head this endeavor in Brazil,” said David Plimpton, President & CEO of INOLEX. “Having acquired strategic knowledge over the years, Cristina is a successful team leader in startup businesses as well as international corporate environments.”

Prior to INOLEX, Cristina started an extracts company that she managed and operated for 15 years, developing extensive working knowledge of the cosmetics industry globally. Cristina’s experience in the personal care industry coupled with a degree in Agronomics, an MBA as well as several other training certificates in areas such as finance, marketing and export and import are ideal combinations to bring INOLEX do Brazil to the forefront of the Brazilian cosmetic and personal care market.

“We are excited to finally have a tangible presence in Brazil with INOLEX do Brazil” notes Country Manager Cristina Saiani. “This expansion would allow us to have direct and continuous interaction with our clientele, allowing for a tailored service that fits the trends and needs of the region.”

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