Conversational marketing: The new way to interact with consumers

Published: 24-May-2018

Andy Mauro, CEO of Automat, on how AI is disrupting the industry

Can you please give a short overview of the services and products Automat provides?

Automat is helping companies use AI to have personalised one-on-one conversations with their customers, fans, and followers and provides everything required to be successful with Conversational Marketing - specifically a cloud-based platform, proprietary AI technology, and dedicated services teams to create compelling end-user experience that align with business goals.

Conversational marketing: The new way to interact with consumers

How has AI already been disrupting the beauty market? What tech have we seen?

AI has been disrupting the beauty market in a variety of ways. One of the challenges that beauty consumers face is being overwhelmed by the number of options available to them and determining which products are best for their specific needs.

AI-powered beauty bots achieve 80%+ completion rates for diagnostic and quizzes that inform the delivery of personalised tips, recommendations, and inspiration.

Complementary technologies like image analysis and augmented reality (from players such as Modiface, Revieve, and others) can be used in bots and other channels to analyse people’s skin complexion or face shape (from a selfie or live video) and make recommendations or enable virtual try-on of products.

Conversational marketing: The new way to interact with consumers

How can beauty brands prepare for AI and its potential?

The leading AI solutions emerging on the market now have the necessary experience to integrate with the existing tech and marketing stack easy. That being said, a change of mindset is necessary to get the best of AI, and more particularly from Conversational Marketing.

A conversation is different from a campaign in a way that it is an ongoing correspondence, not a one-time event. We’ve found that if you use your first conversation with a consumer to learn a little bit about them, and then use this to personalise your follow-up notifications, the read rates can be over 80% and the response rates over 40%, which is way higher than what email gets.

But this can only be achieved if the content and marketing calendar for bots is tuned to the benefits of this new channel instead of trying to shoehorn it into the web and app model.

Mauro will be speaking on ‘The New Way to Talk Directly to Beauty Consumers’ at the upcoming INNOCOS beauty knowledge-sharing and networking event. It’s set to take place in Florence, Italy at The Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, June 13-15, 2018.

Next INNOCOS summit: Seoul, South Korea, October 4-5 2018; San Francisco, USA, February 2019.

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Conversational marketing: The new way to interact with consumers

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