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Innospec is a global specialty chemicals company focused on bringing innovative new technologies to market combined with a fast and responsive service. Our global team of approximately 1100 employees spans 20 countries, applying their extensive experience and market understanding to customers’ local needs. Integrating our global footprint with local service capability enables us to supply quality products that meet and anticipate changing market dynamics.


With a commitment to blending our formulation expertise with creative innovation, we have enhanced our extensive portfolio with a complementary range of high quality silicones, for an unrivalled offering of value adding personal care solutions. With a uniquely customer centric approach, we work in close collaboration with formulators to support the development of exciting products with real consumer appeal.

The ultimate formulation with silicones

Silicones provide unrivalled sensory benefits and functionality across all personal care segments. This group of products impacts on almost every application in personal care bringing benefits such as light, non-greasy, powdery skin feel, good spreadability, film-forming properties, permeability, detackifying properties and enhanced shine.

Our extensive range of silicones and custom blending service can support you in creating outstanding formulations. We can help you gain a market edge across personal care categories.

Sustainable and regenerative solutions to meet today’s consumers’ needs

We recognise that being a responsible business is key to our continued success. Within our Personal Care business, we provide effective technology-based solutions for our customers, delivering innovation to create new products and to offer more sustainable concepts.

These concepts can help to change the way consumers receive and use their products.

We recognise that the direction of the beauty care world combines science and efficacy with nature and we combine our innovative ingredient technologies with formulation expertise to deliver the right blend of science and creativity.

Sustainability is our focus and it is our responsibility to deliver sustainable, effective ingredients in the form of dry surfactants and concentrated blends.

As well as being sulfate-free market leaders, formulating those sustainable ingredients into creative trend-based prototypes is also something that we are proud to lead the way with. Such as zero waste formulations, powdered facial cleansers and shampoos, naked/vegan shampoo bars or multi-functional cleansing sticks.

To provide our customers with the assurances they need, we use the COSMOS and ISO 16128 standards. We have over 30 COSMOS compliant ingredients and 81% of ingredients greater than 50% naturally derived, according to ISO16128.

As a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) since 2013, we have a long-term commitment to the responsible sourcing of palm-based raw materials.

Demonstrating this commitment, all applicable Innospec manufacturing sites are RSPO mass balance (MB) supply chain certified and as such, we are able to offer our customers RSPO MB versions of our products on request.

Innospec is also a proud member of the new collaborative initiative, ASD (Action for Sustainable Derivatives), working to maximise transparency and sustainability throughout the supply chain for palm and palm kernel oil derivatives.

As a member of this cross-industry collaborative initiative, we look forward to accelerating action towards deforestation-free and responsible sourcing of palm products.

In 2019 and 2020 we were awarded Gold Medal status for the first time and are among the top 5% of all companies rated by EcoVadis. Our management systems, policies and practices were reviewed for the third time by the EcoVadis supply chain sustainability platform.

The platform independently evaluates and benchmarks a company’s sustainability performance across environmental, labour and fair business practices.

Speciality silicones for the ultimate formulation

Volasil® (low viscosity cyclic silicones) - siloxanes and dimethicones for almost every personal care and cosmetic application.

Dimethisil® DM (dimethyl fluids) – dimethicones (dimethylpolysiloxanes) with viscosities ranging from 5 to 1,000,000 centistokes for a complete range of skin feels without greasiness. Range includes Dimethisil DM-6, a 6 cs fluid with a surprisingly different skin feel!

Cosmetic fluids (gum in fluid) – silicone compounds with a number of combinations of elastomers in various diluents, perfect for skin, hair, suncare and AP/DO applications.

Elastomers, Elastomer Powders and Resins – specialty elastomers and resin providing luxurious, silky elegant skin feel. Ideal for trends in multifunctional skin preparations such as BB and CC creams and other colour cosmetic applications.

Gelaid® (silicone gelling agents) – pre-emulsified gelling agents for quick and simple cold process formulation of luxurious creams and lotions with the desired silky, dry feel associated with elastomer based products.

Dimethisil® NH (amino functional fluids) – silicone fluids used as primary components in hair care to reduce fly away, control frizz, add shine and softness.

Dimethisil® HNH (hindered amine silicone fluids) – cationic in nature these unique silicone raw materials are compatible with anionic surfactants perfect for conditioning shampoos including clear 2-in-1 systems.

Emulsil® (macro emulsions and surfactants) – oil-in-water silicone macroemulsions for hair care applications to increase shine, softness and reduce fly away.

Microsil® (micro emulsions) – oil-in-water microemulsion systems for hair conditioning.

Specialty Products – developed and customised to meet the demanding requirements of customers’ unique applications. Innospec offers custom blending of silicone raw materials with additives such as actives and fragrances. Our purpose built anhydrous blending facility affords an economical route to fully customised solutions even on a small batch basis.


Volasil; Dimethisil; Gelaid; Emulsil; Microsil; Iselux; Finsolv; Shineblend; Natrlquest; Aminol.