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Delfin Technologies is the world leader in portable skin research instruments. Our instruments are used in over 40 countries worldwide in a broad range of applications in personal care companies, testing laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, universities and hospitals.


Delfin Technologies’ skin measurement instruments are scientifically validated and well established within the personal care industry. They are accurate, reliable and extremely practical to use. All instruments are fully portable: battery-operated and wireless data transfer from the units to the DMC data collection software.

Delfin instruments are used for example for product formulation work, in-house R&D, claims substantiation and clinical trials. Some examples of Delfin instruments below.

The VapoMeter is a closed chamber instrument for the measurement of TEWL and other water loss in vivo and permeability in vitro. Measurements are not affected by ambient airflows and they are fast and practical to perform.

The MoistureMeterSC is a sensitive instrument for measuring stratum corneum hydration and its changes. The measurement takes into account the changing thickness of the stratum corneum’s dry layer. To help with user independent and repeatable measurements the instrument features a unique built-in pressure sensor.

The MoistureMeterEpiD can measure skin’s deep hydration quickly and easily. This gives a new cost-effective tool to assess deep moisturising effects of both topically applied and orally consumed products. You can get the real water content value in percentage for the first time.

The SebumScale is the only instrument available that measures sebum excretion values in an actual SI unit. The instrument utilises quartz crystal measurement sensors to measure the accurate amount of sebum from the skin.

The SkinColorCatch is a new all-in-one colorimeter. It measures erythema and melanin accurately and insensitively to each other. It shows also RGB, CIE L*a*b and L*c*h colour coordinates and calculates automatically the ITA degree, which classifies the tone of the skin.