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Corpack is specialised in the design, development and production of cosmetic packaging. We provide a very comprehensive service, offering „one-stop-shopping“ for any brand seeking to design and develop a new line or re-launching an existing one. Corpack offers custom packaging options as well as a wide variety of standard solutions to the beauty industry.



Who we are

Corpack was founded in 1995, initially representing various packaging manufacturer. Corpack combines 30 years of international experience in the cosmetic packaging industry with the last 16 years having specialised in developing complete design and packaging solutions.


What we do

Corpack helps you compete for advantage by offering complete and innovative solutions for all your packaging needs.

Whether you are a new entrant or established brand, we offer solutions tailored to match your concept and target group. We supply customisable standards as well as delivering completely unique designs and concepts altogether, be it for mass market or prestige products.

Our in-house design team is dedicated to create new ideas and staying updated with the latest trends, technologies and behaviours of targets in different segments. We also develop innovative and sustainable concepts like refillable systems for all types of cosmetic packaging, and are evolving rapidly and conscientiously. These efforts are supported by our manufacturers who bring the technological expertise to realise these ideas.


We have helped many brands – contact us if you would like to know what we could do for you.