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We are a New York based, private label manufacturer / wholesaler of Cosmetic Brushes and a Natural Makeup line (Both mineral based as well as infused with Certified Organic ingredients We were established in 1988 and continue to have very low minimums for both the stock line and custom.

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The color division of Brushes by Karen, Inc

Natural/Organic Clean Cosmetics, Mineral Makeup and Cosmetic Brushes – Private Label/Wholesale

Manufacturers and distributors of Natural/Organic Cosmetics, Mineral Makeup and Cosmetic Brushes We offer exceptional quality products to wholesale companies that sell products under their own name. Choose from our large stock selection (packaged or bulk) or let us custom fill into your own packaging. Our natural plant-based formulas are EU approved, Vegan, Gluten Free and loaded with Certified Organics.

ColorStrokes Cosmetics

ColorStrokes Cosmetics

Just a few of our products ready for your brand name!


Made in the USA using Natural Ingredients that are 90% Organic – Natural Sun Protection / Gluten Free / Vegan /Non GMO

Beautiful Healthy Coverage! Free of harsh chemicals parabens, and pore clogging ingredients, this foundation will feed your skin with nourishing nutrients and leave you looking flawless! Perfect your complexion with a finish that is polished, lightweight and breathable.

ColorStrokes Cosmetics


Made in the USA using Natural Ingredients that are 90% Organic – Gluten Free / Vegan / Non GMO

Multi sticks have become a makeup staple…the new women’s “ChapStick”.
Swipe onto cheeks, lip, brow bone, eyelids, or body to bronze, highlight, contour, and blush.
A fresh look done in seconds! Made with the same skin-loving natural & organic ingredients as our original Cheek Tints! Do it all with one little stick!

ColorStrokes Cosmetics


Made in the USA using Natural Ingredients that are 90% Organic – Gluten Free / Vegan / Non GMO

Infused with antioxidant-rich botanical extracts, essential oils and rich pigments., Coconut Oil & Shea Butter deliver lasting hydration and superior shine without the stickiness. Luscious Lip Gloss glides on effortlessly, and leaves lips feeling moist, hydrated & luscious!

ColorStrokes Cosmetics


Made in the USA using Natural Ingredients that are 85% Organic – Gluten Free / Vegan / Non GMO

You will love how this long lash mascara coats, thickens and lengthens. The formula is 85% organic and is free from harsh chemicals, artificial colors, preservatives and fragrances. Available in 2 shades.

ColorStrokes Cosmetics


(Natural Based Makeup) - Mineral makeup is the most simple, natural product you can put on your skin. Made from finely crushed, high pigment minerals, it has virtually no allergy risk and will not clog pores or irritate sensitivities. Plus, the natural minerals provide natural sun protection. Mineral Makeup covers flawlessly without the synthetic perfumes, oils, dyes, or fillers.

We offer a premium, high-end mineral makeup at an affordable price. Mineral Makeup is available in with many formulation choices (Original Loose, Matte Finish or Pressed) and many packaging options are available in a range from simple economy packaging to more upscale deluxe style packaging, as well as bulk goods.

ColorStrokes Cosmetics


Our brushes are handmade using the finest materials available to the market. We have developed brushes for some of the best names in the cosmetic industry. Our brushes have graced the hands of the best make-up artists & we always do that something extra, which makes our brushes an ideal accompaniment for the professionals.

ColorStrokes Cosmetics


COLORSTROKES Cosmetics is the color division of Brushes by Karen. We offer exceptional quality products to wholesale companies that sell products under their own name. With low minimums, the fully stocked product line is ready for you to label or can be professionally printed for you. Choose from our large selection of stocked goods (packaged or bulk) or lest is custom fill into your own packaging.

NATURAL / ORGANIC MAKEUP: Give Your Customers a Natural Choice! Natural Ingredients Infused with Certified Organic Plants & Vegetables. We strive to source the highest quality, natural and clean ingredients in our products. The formulas utilize a natural preservative system and are Vegan, Gluten Free & Cruelty free.

The products are already EU registered, making it easy and affordable to register the formulas under your brand name with our regulatory agent. This would be a simple, quick, and very inexpensive part of the process. Please contact our office for more information.

The plant-based formulas are free from harmful or questionable ingredients. We choose the best natural ingredients that meet our standards. Most formulas utilize over 70% Certified Organic ingredients and as a bonus are Vegan, and Gluten Free. We’re proud of our ingredients and invite you to check it all out…

MINERAL MAKEUP: Our award-winning Mineral based Makeup is available in a wide range of colors, formulations, and packaging choice. From Loose to Pressed, choice of packaging or bulk, or custom filled for you.

COSMETIC BRUSHES: Cosmetic brushes are stocked for immediately availability, as well as custom-made brushes to your own specifications. Collections include 100% synthetic Vegan. Add your company name to our existing stock or let us create something entirely custom for you.


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ColorStrokes CosmeticsColorStrokes CosmeticsColorStrokes CosmeticsColorStrokes Cosmetics





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