Clariant develops new conditioning ingredient for damaged hair

Published: 18-Dec-2018

A new economical conditioning ingredient for damaged hair that extends advanced hair repair and protection to clear formulation formats

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Colour, or lack thereof, has long been used to influence consumers. Clear-coloured or transparent products signal purity or freshness and this association is embraced to convey aspects such as a natural or fragrance-free formulation.

While transparent shampoos do exist, there is a lack of such products to support the market’s biggest growth area: damaged hair. Hair damage, a significant concern for both men and women, results from mechanical manipulation, heat, some chemicals and exposure to everyday elements.

Unfulfiled opportunity

Recent cosmetic product launches suggest ‘clear’ conditioning hair care products are desired. However, brands and formulators wanting to tap into this demand face obstacles in particular formats.

Transparent conditioning shampoos are not widely available due to formulation difficulties. Typical conditioning ingredients like oils and silicones create an emulsion with an opaque appearance.

Most importantly, while transparent leave-in conditioners have been developed, there is an absence of transparent rinse-off conditioners, opaque conditioners being the standard.

Overcoming challenges

Clariant has developed a new conditioning ingredient, Genadvance Repair (INCI: Quaternium-98), which opens the door to innovation and differentiation in these applications. Formulators can now utilise its benefits to present consumers with appealing clear conditioning products that convey a distinctive desired message.

Hair surface damage will result in

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