Caroline Hirons launches long-awaited beauty brand Skin Rocks

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 8-Nov-2022

The brand’s new retinoid duo caters those with specific skin care needs and those who regularly use vitamin A derived skin care products

Beauty authority Caroline Hirons has made her long-awaited skin care brand with Skin Rocks.

The aesthetician has kickstarted her line with the launch of retinoid duo.

Retinoid 1 (£65) and Retinoid 2 (£75) are available to purchase now through

The duo has been formulated to suit consumers with sensitive skin as well as those who regularly use vitamin A derived skin care products. 

“I wanted to go slightly different and work in the opposite way that the industry has gone in the last few years,” said Hirons in a Instagram Live video revealing the range.

“All I was seeing were people going higher and higher with percentages and strengths and leaving people, such as those with sensitive skin, behind.”

Retinoid 1 is designed for people with sensitive skin or who haven’t used a retinoid before, containing only 0.2% Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate.

Retinoid 2 is marketed as an intermediate level retinoid and contains 0.5% Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate and 0.05% Retinal.

Hirons said that the duo are the first products in Skin Rock’s new Treatment category, the first of five skin care categories which will launch under the brand.

Both products are housed in “periwinkle blue” packaging made from glass, which is said to be fully recyclable and refillable.

Other packing considerations include a section on the lid for accurate product measurements.

A Retinoid 3 is also under development, however, Hirons said testers had found better results from the Number 2 product.

She added that a Number 3 isn’t completely off the table, with a potential launch billed for 2023.

Hirons also stressed that while the products address signs of ageing, Skin Rocks does not promote ‘anti’-ageing, “we just want you to look and feel your best”.

Hirons concluded her Instagram Live by thanking other beauty brands in the industry for making her own-brand launch possible.

“I’m a brand that’s launched off the sales from other brands, so I’m never going to forget that,” she said.

Hirons made her fame in the industry with her beauty and lifestyle blog, which she founded 11 years ago.

She went on to become an award-winning author with her book: Skincare: The ultimate no-nonsense guide.

Hirons' Skin Rocks online platform previously focused on beauty boxes targeting specific skin care conditions.

In 2022, she then broke into beauty tech with the launch of her Skin Rocks app.

The free app provides curated information and advice on the type of skin users have, and will then match products best suited for the individual.

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