Beiersdorf rethinks Nivea’s Naturally Good beauty packaging in sustainable alternative

By Becky Bargh | Published: 4-May-2021

By opting for a bio-based polypropylene resin, the cosmetics maker is reducing the production of fossil-based, virgin plastic

Cosmetics maker Beiersdorf has opted for a sustainable packaging alternative for Nivea’s Naturally Good day and night creams.

The German manufacturer will now house its skin care jewel’s products in a bio-based polypropylene resin from Saudi Arabian chemicals company Sabic.

The move is part of Beiersdorf’s sustainable packaging targets to reduce fossil-based, virgin plastic for its cosmetics products by 50%.

Meanwhile, the sustainable alternative will help Beiersdorf reduce its carbon emissions and environmental footprint, outlined in its Sustainability Agenda, Care Beyond Skin.

“We are excited to implement this important change in the packaging of our Nivea brand products and to be the first in the skin care mass market to use polypropylene made from second-generation bio-based feedstock on a global basis,” said Michael Becker, Head of Global Packaging Development at Beiersdorf.

“Together with Sabic, we have taken a major step forward in transforming conventional fossil-based packaging in the cosmetics and skin care segment towards fully sustainable material alternatives.”

Nivea’s new packaging will be phased in to points of sale from June 2021.

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