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BeautySourcing: Spotted, Highlights from the 2023 Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna Trade Fair

Published: 22-Mar-2023

BeautySourcing continues to follow the beauty markets closely and bring you the latest evidence of beauty industry

The beauty industry is moving in every categories of products and beauty companies seek ways to participate in the beauty revolution. As an influential trend guide for the beauty industry, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is always be the place where exhibitors present breakthrough products launch and innovation solutions. Let's follow BeautySourcing to see how newness abounds on the show that ran from March 16 to 20.

Refill, Reuse, Recycle

There is a lot of waste happening in the production of traditional beauty packaging.

Fortunately, they saw more and more beauty packaging suppliers waking up to the fact that it must turned focus to sustainability and committed to sustainable packaging research and development. They displayed unprecedented amounts of sustainable innovations, mostly by incorporating recycled materials or reusable designs.

Reusable is a mainstream solution in sustainable packaging innovation. Packaging Manufacturers launched reusable or refillable eco-friendly packaging for all types of products such as lotion, creams and serums. LIF exhibited 100% aluminum packaging and 100% PET packaging product lines can now be recycled to achieve 100%. Aptar showcase premium design serum packaging with reusable main casing and highly recyclable refill cartridges, make carbon footprint reduced by 60%.

PCR is a another packaging option developing in recent years that many manufacturers are using to help meet sustainability goals and limit the negative environmental impact of plastic packaging. Apollo exhibited a noticeable line of packaging with up to 100% PCR material. Chinese manufacturer QIAOYI PKG, showed simple design refillable lipstick tube, also made of high content of PCR.

Fun with Design

Varieties of packaging design ideas, reflecting the brand's efforts in eye-catching design. Capardoni presents an innovative, fashionable and unique packaging solution, such as their unicorn series, fluo series and rose series. Eco packaging also can be done in different colors, from light shades to bright ones. They are perfect choice for those looking for an eco-friendly option but not willing to compromise on style.

What’s more? Angled Essence Dropper Bottle displayed by EBEI is an efficient and environmentally-friendly bottle that tilts on a 45-degree bevel angle. By changing the placement, the essence is collected at the inclined surface for easier pick-up, thereby avoiding any waste of essence.

Novelty of Patent

The function of miniature beauty devices is gradually developed from the traditional hair removal or whitening to more diversified and elaborate functions in response to consumer demand. Some new patented technology beauty devices which can be in some case a good balance between reliability and efficacy grabbed our special attention.

Cold remains one of beauty’s hottest trend. As an early adopter of cryo-technology, Seoulista Cryo Cool Skin Tool displayed by Revive Express Beauty Limited is a device that cools the skin to help soothe irritation, lift and firm the complexion, the thick aluminum cooling plates remain icy cool even if stored at room temperature. Beyond that, Manta Pulse Healthy Hair and Scalp by Manta Hair is a 5-in-1 brush, detangler, exfoliator, massager, and device that distributes treatments and shampoo.

Material Made from ultra-hygienic, super-soft medical grade heat-resistant and 100% recyclable materials using patented FLEXGUARD technology.

In short, they're moving toward the beauty evolution and innovation faster and faster, it's necessary to ensure that your business is ready for it. BeautySourcing will continue to follow the beauty markets closely and bring you the latest evidence of beauty industry.

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